Wondering How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test? Try These Tips…

One of the big issues that weed smokers and consumers are faced with is being subjected to drug tests. These tests can come in many different shapes and forms.

You can be tested through your saliva, blood, urine and hair. You may be in a work environment that requires regular testing, or there may be some other reason that you need to prove that you have no drugs present in your system at that moment in time.

Naturally, these tests can cause a lot of anxiety for people who use cannabis. A lot of cannabis users get amazing benefits as a result of their consumption, but they feel that they can be put in a vulnerable position if they are drug tested and their results show that they have tested positive for the presence of marijuana.

Even in areas where marijuana is legal for recreational or medicinal use, there will still be employers that frown upon its use when it comes to their employees.
One of the most cost effective and common forms of drug testing that you will see is saliva testing. This is a common test in the workplace, as well as from law enforcement when they are looking to determine if a person has been using drugs.
This test is easy and fast to administer compared to other test types, which is why saliva tests are becoming a lot more popular.
This is why people are constantly looking at ways in which they can ensure that they pass a saliva drug test, even if they have been consuming cannabis in the recent past.

Should you be concerned when being subjected to a saliva drug test?

If you know that you are likely going to have to face a saliva drug test at some stage, then it is important that you know what you are letting yourself in for and arm yourself with knowledge that will allow you to prepare as best as possible for this experience.
There are some key attributes that are different when it comes to saliva tests in place of other types of drug testing, such as urinalysis.
When you are comparing these two types of tests, they are looking for different types of compounds. When it comes to urinalysis, they are looking for the presence of THC-COOH, which is the metabolite that is produced by the body when delta-9 THC has been broken down by the body. In case you didn’t know, THC is the compound which has psychoactive properties and will lead to you experiencing the high that is commonly associated with cannabis consumption.
The saliva swab test, however, is searching for the presence of THC that has been activated, which is delta-9 THC. In basic terms, this is what is going to be found on the inside of a person’s mouth if they have recently inhaled cannabis in one form or another.
There will be pros and cons for you if this is the method of testing you will be subjected to. If you still have metabolites in your system, they cannot be detected through a saliva test, but if you still have the active compound of THC still in your saliva, you will be busted.
The next question is how long THC can be detected in the saliva. There is a certain point whereby a saliva test can no longer detect the presence of THC, which is known as the confirmation cut-off.
If your THC levels are above this standard, then you will likely test positive for marijuana. The cut-off is going to change from place to place, and there is no one standard level that you will be dealing with. There are different limits in the laws of different states when it comes to defining whether or not a person is intoxicated by marijuana. Therefore, it will often depend on what state you are getting tested in.
Usually within one or two days, you will no longer have THC present in your saliva. Therefore, if you are able to plan ahead, it is probably a safe option to take a week off consuming cannabis before taking the test, just in case anything strange occurs.
This will be a relief for many, because other types of testing have much longer periods of detection.
The reason that this time frame is only a day or two with the saliva is because the metabolites that have already entered into your system will have already exited the mouth via the saliva glands, and therefore will not give a positive test result with a swab test.
There is no particular reason why the delta 9-THC would stay present in your saliva until you smoke weed or eat it again and your mouth is once again coated with THC. Some people believe that regularly brushing your teeth and tongue can help accelerate the process of removing THC from the saliva.
Now that you are armed with the right information, next time you know that you are going to be facing a saliva drug test, you will know to lay off the cannabis for about a week in advance of being tested.
If you consume cannabis in edible form, it will exit your saliva a bit faster, but you still should not be taking any chances in this regard. If you are faced with a test when you have not had adequate time to stop smoking or consuming cannabis for a week in advance, then you will be in more of a vulnerable position.
If you are facing a saliva test with only a few hours of notice, you should do whatever you can to help. Start by consuming a lot of water and make sure to swish it thoroughly all throughout your mouth and rinse thoroughly, repeating this process a few times.
As THC will bind to fat, you should try to find some fatty foods and eat this, as it can help to absorb some of the THC and take it out of your saliva.
For those people who are facing a saliva test with no warning whatsoever, drastic measures would have to be taken. This is the time when you need to contaminate your saliva somehow, with an adulterant.
There are chemicals that can be used to mask THC. The most common option for an adulterant is hydrogen peroxide, and there are some brands which even offer this in chewing gum form.
This could help to clean out your system if you are being tested within half an hour or so, but after that time has elapsed, you will then be able to detect THC once more in your saliva.


Now that you know how the saliva test works, what exactly it is looking for and how long marijuana can be detected after it has entered your system, you should be a lot more confident about passing any saliva drug tests that you may face.
Preparation is the key if you know in advance that you will be facing a saliva test. Eliminating cannabis form your body for a week in advance should do the trick. For short-term notice, eat fatty foods, drink plenty of water and if you need an almost instant solution, consume something that may mask the THC.

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