Will Smoking Weed Help a Hangover?

Smoking weed very often goes hand in hand with drinking alcohol for a lot of people. It may be an activity that people do after they have been in a bar or a nightclub and want to relax in a comfortable environment before going to bed.
It is a great way for people to chill out and unwind after having just a few drinks. An alcohol hangover is something that most people will be familiar with, and it is not something that is ideal. The symptoms will vary from person to person, but it normally has symptoms such as headaches, dehydration and feeling generally ill.
There are some people who believe that weed can be used to help aid a hangover, whereas others believe that it only makes it worse.
Is there any conclusive evidence pointing towards one side or the other?

What is the main cause of a hangover?

When it comes to alcohol hangovers, the range of symptoms can normally be attributed to two different variables. Alcohol has a dietetic effect, which means that the consumer will quickly become dehydrated.
There are also the effects of alcohol on your body, as it is a toxic substance which does not agree with most of the body’s systems and needs to be flushed out of the body as quick as possible.
Naturally, marijuana does not have any features that help a person to rehydrate, and it is not able to aid in the flushing of alcohol-related toxins out of the body.

How can smoking weed help with a hangover?

There are a few different ways in which marijuana can help to ease some of the symptoms of a hangover however.
Marijuana is widely used for its pain relief properties, which is why it has proven to be useful in the treatment of many debilitating medical conditions. It also is used to help reduce the feeling of nausea and some people will find that smoking weed will help reduce the headache that they may be suffering.
Some people will find that it is easier to endure the effects of a hangover when they have smoked weed. The combination of cannabinoids can help to soothe the overall pain.
You can start to feel a bit more euphoric rather than walking around all day like a zombie and you can kickstart your appetite, which may have been suppressed by the heavy drinking session. It is just part of a puzzle in helping to cure a hangover, but it is not going to be the be all and end all solution.
There are numerous measures you can do together, such as drinking plenty of water, eating a hearty meal and doing some exercise that will help you to start feeling like yourself once more.
Many people even prefer to have all of their cannabis products ready to go in the morning when they wake up. While others will have water well stocked beside their bed, those who believe that smoking weed helps them to relieve their hangover will be equally as prepared; They won’t have to leave their bed in order to start feeling better.
These people often prefer to use strains that are higher in levels of CBD in order to receive some of the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and other relevant qualities that make it popular in the medical community.
Of course, the type of strain that helps aid the cure of your hangover will depend on you individually, and it may take some trial and error with different types of strains to find the right one.
Some people prefer to get very relaxed and sleepy, whereas others want an energy-boosting effect that will allow them to get up and attack the day ahead.
Usually it can be a good idea to talk with your local dispensary staff to see what they would recommend in terms of the best strains suited for helping aid hangovers.
Here are a few strains that are generally popular in this regard.

Popular hangover aiding cannabis strains

Most of the time for aiding hangovers, people will prefer to go for cannabis strains that are a bit higher in CBD than they might usually go for if they were smoking.
Sour Tsunami
This is a popular strain that is high in CBD and is ideal if you suffer from nausea when you are hungover and it will also help to ease your levels of inflammation.
While the feeling is somewhat flat, especially when it has been mixed with water and food, the effects are definitely noticeable and will not really impair you in any other way as opposed to if you were smoking a strain that is higher in THC.
This is a very popular cannabis strain, particularly for when people are dealing with a hangover. It is generally easily found in most dispensaries and is also high in CBD content.
You will receive a nice and easy mood boost that is not too extreme and a happy and soothing buzz will help after you have gotten a hearty meal into your stomach.
This is a CBD dominant strain that is favored by many people even when they are not suffering from a hangover.
In terms of the actual breakdown, it contains only about 2% THC and as high as 20% CBD. While it does have quite a pungent and dank smell, there is a sweet flavor and it has a very herby feel to it.
It is the ideal option for many people as it is a one-size-fits-all strain, rather than having specific strains for specific situations.
Hindu Kush
This is a strain that is higher in THC, but is still fairly mellow. It helps ease the discomforts you feel physically when suffering from a hangover and it perfectly dulls the senses. While it’s not a painkiller, it certainly will provide you with all round relief from your hangover.
This perfectly helps to ease the discomforts that are associated with a hangover, and when you consume it in higher doses, it will act as a sedative. However, if you only take a single hit or two, you will be able to continue functioning. Therefore, you can tailor your dosage depending on how bad the hangover you are experiencing may be.
Many people derive great benefits from smoking weed when they are suffering from a hangover. While it is not a silver bullet that will instantly get rid of your hangover, it certainly can go a long way to easing your associated symptoms.
There are different strains that may be beneficial for you, but it may take some experimenting on your behalf to find what the perfect type will be for your needs.

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