How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test in 24 Hours

How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test in 24 Hours

Let’s be clear: the main reasons why you would need to pass a marijuana drug test in such a short period is to either avoid getting fired from your job or prevent a parole violation! In 2016, 4.2% of the American workforce tested positive for an illicit substance. Positive tests for weed have continued to rise, with a fail rate of 8.9% in oral fluid (saliva) drug testing.

It isn’t all bad news for cannabis users. The nation’s labor shortage means an increasing number of companies are willing to overlook a positive test for weed as long as the person in question isn’t getting high on company time or its premises. In states such as Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, workers have won lawsuits against organizations that either fired them or rescinded job offers due to them testing positive for cannabis.

Even so, there are plenty of employers and entire states where employers are still favored over their staff. California, a state where weed is legal for recreational use, is a surprising example. Therefore, if you use marijuana and a urine test (the most common type) is scheduled in around 24 hours, you’ll need to get clean, and fast. This article shows you if it is realistically possible.

What is the Cutoff Level for Marijuana in Drug Tests?

Before showing you how to get your system clean in under a day, we will first outline the cutoff levels of drug tests. This refers to the point at which a drug test is deemed positive or negative. For the purposes of this section, we are expressing the concentration of the drug in nanograms per milliliters; often written down as ng/mL.

A urine test is by far the most common type of drug screening and is designed to test for THC-COOH, a metabolite produced when weed’s most prevalent psychoactive compound, THC, gets broken down in the liver. Lab tests focus on THC-COOH because it stays in the system far longer than THC.

In the United States, the standard cutoff point is 50 ng/mL, with tests occasionally looking for a higher cutoff of 100 ng/mL or a much stricter level of 20 ng/mL. Here are cut-off points for other types of drug tests that screen for cannabis:

  • Saliva: 25 ng/mL.
  • Hair Follicles: 0.1 picograms per mL. For reference, one nanogram is 1,000 picograms.

Before embarking on an accelerated THC detox program, make sure you are taking a urinalysis rather than a different form of test. Drug screens can detect THC, CBD and other cannabinoids whether you smoke, vape or use edibles, so make sure you know the drugs being tested for.
You have probably read a few generic guides on how long marijuana can stay in your system. For example, heavy users can have THC in their system for a couple of months after their last use! However, factors such as the potency of weed, weight, body fat, your previous use of marijuana, and metabolism all dictate how long weed stays in the system. Regardless, there is no way of removing THC from your system within 24 hours without a lot of effort.

Standard Methods of Passing a Marijuana Drug Test in 24 Hours or Less

Not every method outlined here is recommended – and some of them are frankly a little bit silly – but desperate times call for drastic measures. It should go without saying that frequent and constant users have far less of a chance to pass than a casual or occasional user.

Synthetic Urine or a Friend’s Urine

Both are extremely risky propositions. While they have an excellent chance of working IF you don’t get caught, being able to coolly and calmly break the law isn’t an easy skill to acquire. Merchants that sell synthetic urine specialize in lightning fast delivery and make some pretty bold claims about the efficacy of their products. Typically, you receive a powder, and you add water to it.

You can also ask a friend to help you commit the crime by providing you with their (presumably) clear urine. This is more effective than synthetic urine, but you are asking a friend to become an accessory. In both instances, you also face the tricky task of slipping it past the testers unnoticed.

Detox Drinks
While such beverages are less likely to help you pass than synthetic urine or pee donated by a friend, they can give you a fighting chance. A lot of these drinks rely on you drinking a lot of water. The idea is to dilute the urine and remove THC metabolites. The problem here is that modern drug tests can pick up and flag excessively diluted urine. Top-rated drinks tend to include vitamins, minerals, creatine, and a variety of extra nutrients to help give your urine a natural appearance while masking the THC levels.

A significant issue with detox drinks, or the practice of drinking enormous amounts of water, is that only 20% of THC is eliminated from the body via urine. Up to 65% is removed via fecal matter with the rest removed through an assortment of bodily fluids. It is also normal for these drinks to hit you with some very unpleasant side effects, such as severe diarrhea.

Home Remedies

While some home remedies are based on (shaky) science, others are utterly ridiculous and are far more likely to damage your health than help you pass a drug test. Here are a few options:

  • Diuretics: Drink a gallon of a diuretic to cleanse your system. Examples include any caffeinated beverage, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, and grape juice. The main issue here is that while diuretics help you urinate more frequently, it is not a method that works any better than drinking a lot of water. The testers will know you tried to flush your system and will be immediately suspicious.
  • B-Vitamins: It is essential to include vitamins in any attempt to beat a drug test because water and diuretics take away the natural color of the urine. B-vitamins restore it and make your urine look more natural. Best practice involves consuming 100mg of a B-complex multivitamin a couple of hours before the test.
  • Concoctions Containing Acidic Ingredients: Several home remedies include acidic ingredients such as vinegar and pickle juice as part of the recipe. Both contain acetic acid, and the belief is that it will dissolve THC-COOH and ensure your urine is clear. In reality, it does nothing to remove THC metabolites and will probably ensure you’re stuck sitting on the toilet for a few hours. On the plus side, since almost two-thirds of THC metabolites are removed via feces, you may accidentally pass the drug test at significant cost to your health, dignity, and reputation.

Final Thoughts on Passing a Marijuana Drug Test in 24 Hours

As you can plainly see, there is no ‘sure-fire’ way to pass a marijuana drug test in such a short period. Aside from taking a huge risk by trying to smuggle fake urine or someone else’s pee into the test, your best bet appears to be consuming a detox drink with plenty of water and hoping to get lucky. These drinks receive mixed reviews based entirely on whether a person passed or failed the test. A casual user is more likely to sneak a ‘pass,’ and you can’t expect any product to work if you’ve smoked a day before the test!

Unfortunately, if you live in a state where employers can fire employees for testing positive for marijuana, your best tactic is to cut down on your intake, because if you suddenly get called in for a drug test, your chances of producing a ‘negative’ for THC are low. If you insist on smoking weed and taking the risk, we urge you to eat a healthy diet with lots of fiber, vitamins, fruit and veg, and above all, drink plenty of water.


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